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Alberta Provincial Catheter Coverage

AADL - Alberta Aids to Daily Living


AADL provides access to basic equipment and supplies for more independent functioning.  AADL is available to anybody in Alberta, regardless of income.  Patient is assessed by nurse, Doctor, Homecare or MS clinic and approved for AADL coverage.  Once approved you can order directly from your dealer, pay 25% to maximum $500 per family / year.  Can co-pay with private insurance as well. The dealer bills AADL for 75% of cost.  Low income or AISH recipients are exempt from 25% cost sharing. 



Catheters listed on AADL: 

Plastic 70/2months $1.66ea

Plastic Coude 70/2 months $4.01ea

Latex 70/2 months $2.79ea

Latex Coude 70/2 months $ 4.01ea

You may qualify for more catheters per day.

Ask your doctor to complete and sign the Quantity and Frequency Review Request form.  You can print a copy from this page. If your request is denied, you have an opportunity to appeal.  Click here to download the  form that your doctor can complete and submit to AADL Director for review.


Products are subject to individual approval and purchased through an approved AADL vendor.  To view list of approved catheter vendors click here


Learn more about AADL Policy & Procedures


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