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Workers Compensation catheter insurance in Nova Scotia


WCBNS - Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia

If you were injured at work and as a result need to use catheters for bladder management, your WCB caseworker needs to approve your doctor prescription for catheters.

If you already use catheters and are experiencing issues like:

  • Urinary Tract Infections ( UTIs)
  • Pain
  • Urethral damage
  • Bleeding
  • Difficulty inserting catheter

There may be a better catheter option for you.

1. Ask for samples of SpeediCath. Simply click on the “ Free SpeediCath Samples “ on this page.

2. Talk to your doctor - ask for a prescription for SpeediCath. SpeediCath is used once so the prescription will be for 4-5 catheters per day.

3. Ask your doctor to complete and sign the SpeediCath support letter. Simply click on the letter on this page, download the letter and send it to your doctor. This letter outlines the issue(s) you are having and why you need to use SpeediCath.

4. Submit the prescription and Support letter to your WCB case manager for approval.

5.Once approved, ask your catheter supplier / dealer to bill WCB directly


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