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Veteran Affairs

If you are a Veteran with a service-related disability you may be eligible for disability benefits from Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC).

There are two types of disability benefits:

  • Disability Pension
    • For ‘traditional ‘ veterans -those who were in service during WW2 or the Korean war.
  • Disability Award
    • For those who were not is service during WW2 or the Korean war.
    • The disability award is a one-time, tax-free cash

Veterans have a VA Health ID Card – referred to as the “K” card.  The VA has 14 Benefits and Services – Programs of Choice ( POC ). POC 7 covers incontinence products, including catheters. The veteran would have applied for the injury or condition related to service in order for benefits related to injury to be listed on their health card.

Veterans can call 1-866-522-2122 to verify POC 7 is listed on their Health card. If not – they can apply for the bladder/bowel condition.

A doctor’s prescription is required for catheters and the need for catheters must be related to service.


There are Veterans Affairs Canada offices in every province. 

Contact Veterans Affairs Canada – toll free # 1-866-522-2122


There may be a better catheter option for you.

1. Ask for samples of SpeediCath. Simply click on the “ Free SpeediCath Samples “ on this page.

2. Talk to your doctor - ask for a prescription for SpeediCath. SpeediCath is used once so the prescription will be for 4-5 catheters per day.

3. Ask your doctor to complete and sign the SpeediCath support letter. Simply click on the letter on this page, download the letter and send it to your doctor. This letter outlines the issue(s) you are having and why you need to use SpeediCath

4. Contact Veterans Affairs Canada – toll free # 1-866-522-2122 and ask where you should send the SpeediCath prescription and support letter to request approval.


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