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Coloplast’s’ award-winning male external catheter for men with urinary incontinence.

Proper management of incontinence can put an end to the fear of experiencing a leak in public and help you return to your normal life.

  • Easy to apply: The double-grip strip ensures easy and smooth roll-out for a secure fit – even for nurses wearing gloves.
  • Anti-leakage: The anti-leakage system is designed to give you the best possible security.
  • Comfortable wear: The male external catheter is made of PSX silicone material, which is stretchy and breathable allowing for a perfect fit.
  • Balanced adhesive: The Conveen® Optima has a built-in ‘balanced’ adhesive, which means it is reliable and skin-friendly.
  • Smart pack: The easy-to-open packaging is compact and discreet.

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How to apply a Male external catheter (MEC)

How to apply the external catheter

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How to apply the external catheter


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