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Newfoundland and Labrador provincial catheter insurance

SAP (Special Assistance Program)
SAP is a provincial program of the Department of Health and Community Services which provides basic medical supplies and equipment to assist with activities of daily living.  Financial assessment is done to determine eligibility.  If people are on Income Support,  SAP covers 100%.   Benefits of the program include catheters and incontinence supplies
SCWA  (Special Child Welfare Allowance)
Provides financial help to families with a child with a disability under 18 years of age. It helps cover the costs of disability-related items and services needed for the child. The monthly amount depends on an assessment. Included are costs of items such as drugs/disposable diapers/equipment etc

1. Ask for samples of SpeediCath.  Simply click on the “ Free SpeediCath Samples “ on this page. 
2.  Talk to your doctor  - ask for a prescription for SpeediCath.  SpeediCath is used once so the prescription will be for 4-5 catheters per day.
3.  Ask your doctor to complete and sign the SpeediCath support letter.  Simply click on the letter on this page, download the letter and send it to your doctor.  This letter outlines the issue(s) you are having and why you need to use SpeediCath.
4. Submit the prescription and Support letter to your case manager for approval.


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