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Auto insurance catheter coverage in Saskatchewan


If you sustained a catastrophic injury due to an auto accident, you qualify for catheter coverage.


Settlements / lump sum payouts can take many years.  During that time, the insurance company covers catheters as recommended by the physician and is dependent on individual adjustor approval.  Client usually gets a report at time of settlement itemizing products and services currently being covered and their associated annual costs -  it is up to client to  manage $ for their lifetime.  Insurance company is no longer involved after client settles. 

It is important that you are using the best catheter option for you.


1. Ask for samples of SpeediCath.  Simply click on the “ Free SpeediCath Samples “ on this page.
2.  Talk to your doctor - ask for a prescription for SpeediCath.  SpeediCath is used once so the prescription will be for 4-5 catheters per day.
3.  Ask your doctor to complete and sign the SpeediCath support letter.  Simply click on the letter on this page, download the letter and send to your doctor.  This letter outlines the issue(s) you are having and why you need to use SpeediCath
4.  Send SpeediCath prescription and support letter to your auto insurance to request approval



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