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Product description

Digitex® Suture Delivery System (SDS)

The Digitex® SDS is a single-use, non-active, sterile, disposable device intended to place suture with or without direct visualization.
By manual compression of the device trigger a drive shaft is actuated to pass a needle through tissue. At the end of the trajectory the needle engages the suture cap. After release of the trigger a retraction spring pulls the needle backwards through the tissue with the engaged suture cap completing the pass.

Flexishaft™ Reaches Deep Pelvic Structures

Ability to position multi-directional device head 15 degrees when direct visualization or anatomical location is difficult to access.

Suture Smart™ System Maximizes Procedural Efficiency

Smooth suture cap placement and preloaded suture cartridges with crescent needle eliminates unnecessary OR set-up time.

Easy Grip Force Delivers Optimal Tissue Purchase

Comfortable handle engagement effortlessly delivers consistent suture capture through tissue. Curved handle and trigger deliver force directly to anatomical landmarks.

Digitex® Suture Cartridge

Digitex® Suture Cartridge is designed for use with the Digitex Delivery Device. The
Cartridges are preloaded with precut suture lengths, available in permanent and absorbable suture in sizes 0-0 or 2-0. The suture has a specially designed cap at one end and is supplied with a crescent needle at the other end.


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Product options

Product name Item number CCode Units in package
Digitex Suture Delivery Device 520250 C2631 4
Digitex 0-0 Non-absorbable Polypropylene Sutures with needle 520260 C2631 12
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