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Worried about leakage?

What if you could reduce leakage with a secure, long-lasting seal around your stoma – even if it’s an irregular shape, moist and surrounded by creases and folds?

With Brava® Protective Ring, you can.

Proven to reduce leakage**

Designed to fill dips, creases, and folds in the skin around the stoma to provide a better seal between the skin and baseplate, protecting the skin from leakage. Brava® Protective Ring was found to significantly reduce leakage compared to competitors.**

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*This offer is only for ostomy appliance users. Please only fill out the below form if you or someone you know has a stoma.

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A skin-friendly seal

Brava® Protective Ring is designed to be gentle on your skin. It contains no preservatives or parabens. And because its unique material maintains the skin’s natural moisture balance, it can help keep your skin healthy and your seal secure.


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