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Summer is finally here, and it seems like everyone is jumping into the pool and going to the beach! We know you want to join in on the fun… but you might be a little hesitant about water activities with an ostomy. What kind of swimsuit should you wear? How do you keep your pouch on in the water?


In this article, we answer some commonly asked questions about swimming while wearing an ostomy pouch, as well as offer some quick tips and tricks to make your day at the beach go smoothly.


Choosing a pouch

You can either use a standard-size pouch and empty it before swimming, or if you want to be more discreet, you can use a smaller ostomy pouch designed to be less bulky. It’s up to you what type of pouch you feel most comfortable with.


What to wear – types of swimsuits

Most importantly, you should wear something that makes you feel good. Some folks don’t mind showing their pouch at the beach, whereas some prefer covering up. Do what makes you feel the best – and if you want to wear that bikini, then do it!


A wrap can be a great way to cover up on the beach or at the pool. Snug swimsuits with dark colours, busy patterns, and/or ruching can help hide your pouch if that’s something you’re worried about. Boxer-style swim trunks might also be a good choice to help cover up.


Specialty swimwear may offer more discretion, but it’s not always guaranteed to be a good fit for your personal needs. On the other hand, you may find “regular” swimwear that you love! What you choose to wear just depends on what makes you feel good and comfortable.

woman sitting by pool with ostomy pouch

“It felt amazing after surgery, treatment and time in bed to feel my muscles stretch and move again with the support of the water.”

Nicola, Ostomy User

Common issues

Water can cause the edges of your barrier to lift, so make sure that the edges of the barrier are completely secure. An elastic barrier strip may be useful to keep the edges of your barrier from lifting up.


If you use a hot tub, then be sure to check your pouch seal regularly. Heat can affect your wear time, so you may need to change your ostomy barrier sooner than you’re used to.


If you wear a pouch with a filter, remember to cover it with a filter sticker.


Quick tips

1)      Always make sure that the barrier sticks properly before going swimming – give it some time after applying before you jump into the water.

2)      Be aware that the water can sometimes affect adhesion, so make sure to change your product more frequently if needed.

3)      It’s always a good idea to talk to your ostomy nurse if you have any questions. You can also contact our Care Team at 1-866-293-6349.


SenSura® Mio

Coloplast's SenSura® Mio product range of baseplates and pouches may just have the perfect option for you - and you can wear them to go swimming!

SenSura Mio range

BodyFit Technology: The elastic adhesive in all SenSura® Mio products is highly stretchable and flexes with your body to help maintain a secure fit.

Discreet appearance: The unique gray color of SenSura® Mio blends subtly under clothes – even white materials.

Less noise: SenSura® Mio is designed to be quiet – it is the first ostomy product made of soft, woven fabric.

Less odour: A unique full-circle filter reduces the risk of clogging and gases escaping and supports continued airflow of deodorized gas (so your pouch stays flatter).

“Living by the ocean I swim a lot and I also like baths. I have been so impressed with how the SenSura® Mio does in water, just towel dry and even a little sunbathing.”

Carly, Ostomy User

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