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Measuring for the right fit

Measuring tool for Conveen® sizing

Measuring for the right fit for your Conveen® Optima Male External Catheter

Every person is unique. Finding the right size male external catheter ensures optimal wear. Read more and download the printable measuring guide

Measuring for the right fit

Before trying your Conveen® Optima, it’s important to measure for proper circumference size and length. Use these following steps to help ensure you have right size:


1) To find the circumference size, measure the penis at the middle of the shaft using the provided measuring guide (NOTE: It is important to take these measurements when the penis is flaccid)


2) Sit down with your legs slightly parted. Place the penis in  opening on the sizing guide that best fits you. The arc of the measuring guide should touch the shaft along the entire colored edge


3) If you are between two sizes, select the smaller size.


4) To find the length, place the ruler at the base of the penis up against the abdomen and measure, using the ruler, to tip of penis. 


Download the free, printable measuring guide here and Order your free Conveen Optima samples!


Need to know more?

Two products but one discreet and reliable solution that makes you feel secure all day.

Conveen Sheat Conveen Bag

1. Choose a male external catheter

  • Worn over the penis

  • Available in a range of sizes to ensure secure fit


2. Choose a bag

  • Worn over thigh or calf

  • Several product solutions available to fit individual needs


3. Customize your solution

  • Male external catheter connects to a urine-collection leg bag

  • Urine is channelled into bag and contained discreetly

  • Urine is emptied at your convenience


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