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Do you have problems with ballooning?

Ballooning occurs when air / gas from the stoma causes the pouch to inflate, which can sometimes cause it to detach from the skin.


  • If your pouch is drainable, open the drainable end briefly to release the excess gas.
  • Consider changing the pouch more frequently (changing once a day is advisable) or try a two-piece system so that excess gas can be released by detaching the coupling briefly.
  • If you're using a more traditional pouch, a SenSura® Mio pouch may be worth a try. The full-circle filter has a unique pre-filter that's designed to trap stool before it can reach the charcoal filter, which reduces clogging. Reduced clogging means air doesn't get trapped in the pouch - so it takes longer to inflate and ballooning occurs less frequently.
  • Keeping a food diary can also help you uncover the cause. Certain foods – particularly spicy foods, foods that are high in fiber, green vegetables, beans and lentils – can all increase gas, as can carbonated drinks and beer. Understanding what leads to increased levels of gas in the pouch can help you manage how much air is entering the digestive system. You can try to remove one food category at a time.

Check your ostomy health regularly

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Join Coloplast® Care, our personalized support program that offers support and education when you need it, and we will remind you to check on your ostomy health on a regular basis.
The Ostomy Check helps you stay engaged with your pouching routine, enabling you to check that your skin is still healthy and, if not, seek guidance and advice to get you on the right track. 
Join Coloplast®  Care here or call us at 1-866-293-6349.



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