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Product description

The Coloplast Virtue® male sling is a less invasive treatment designed for all ranges of stress urinary incontinence (SUI) in male patients. It combines technologically advanced design, construction, materials and surgical approach. Virtue® is the only male sling that utilizes a unique four-arm approach designed to provide confident compression. The four-arm design and strong mesh made of 100% monofilament polypropylene provide bidirectional compression and elevation of the bulbous urethra.


Virtue® is the only male sling that utilizes a four-arm approach to alleviate stress urinary incontinence.

Four arm components contribute to continence (cf. 1, 2)
Elevated and elongated compression of the bulbar urethra


Virtue® data suggests that it can be successfully used for all ranges of adult incontinent men.

  • Patient Satisfaction: 78% of patients are very much or much improved at 6 months (cf. 2)
  • Efficacy: 86% median pad weight reduction at 6 months (cf. 2)
  • Success rates are dispersed between mild, moderate and severely incontinent patients (cf. 2)


Virtue® is easy to use and offers distinct features to help minimize complications.

  • Suture loops provide easy removal of sling from introducer
  • Suture knobs provide secure attachment of arms to introducer
  • Alexis® wound protector/retractor holds the incision site open to allow easy access and maximum visibility to the operative field (cf. 3)


  • Virtue® can be effectively evaluated intra-operatively.
  • Mesh body positioning is consistent, predictable, and reproducible
  • Quadratic fixation offers a dual mechanism of action (cf. 1)


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