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What do healthcare professionals say about Biatain Fiber?

Biatain Fiber has been developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals to minimise the challenges they face in their daily work with gelling fibers.


We asked 399 healthcare professionals what they think about Biatain Fiber.

Reduces exudate pooling

Absorbs and retains exudate 97% responded Biatain Fiber's ability to reduce exudate pooling is 'very good' or 'good'.*

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Optimal gelling fiber dressings should retain exudate, ensuring that it does not leak.

Biatain Fiber successfully absorbs and retain exudate and bacteria, creating an optimal environment for wound healing.


*Survey among 399 healthcare professionals.


Minimises shrinkage

Less shrinkage to minimise gap creation 97% responded Biatain Fiber's ability to avoid shrinkage is 'very good' or 'good'.*

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Some gelling fibers shrink by more than 36%1. This may lead to gaps between the dressing and the wound bed and create space for exudate pooling.

Biatain Fiber retains its shape when in use with minimal shrinkage. 


*Survey among 399 healthcare professionals.


1: NHS (2018 Clinical Review: Gelling Fiber Dressing) [version 2]


Allows one-piece removal

Easy one-piece removal 99% responded Biatain Fiber enabled one-piece removal.*

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If a dressing is not strong enough in wet condition, it may break apart, requiring piece-by-piece removal.

Upon contact with exudate, Biatain Fiber forms a cohesive gel. The strength of the gel ensures easy one-piece removal, reducing pain for the patient during dressing changes.


*Survey among 399 healthcare professionals.


Nurses’ opinion: How Biatain Fiber helps them in their clinical practice

“When I have removed the dressing, the fiber was intact, saturated but not dripping, and the perilesional skin was undamaged”.

- Rosa Rita Zortea, Expert Nurse, Italy

Evaluation of the clinical performance of Biatain Fiber

This article presents nine cases evaluating the clinical performance of Biatain Fiber on various types of wounds, where you would use gelling fiber dressings.


Biatain Fiber supported healing very well in all the cases, and several of the challenging wounds healed completely over the treatment period.


Key takeaways:


• Biatain Fiber absorbed and retained high volumes of both thin and viscous exudate and protected the wound edges and periwound skin from maceration.
• Biatain Fiber was not observed to shrink in the wound.
• It was removed in one piece without leaving residues in the wound bed.


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