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"How to" guides

Understanding what are the best products for you and how to use them is an important part of managing your symptoms for both urinary incontinence, bowel incontinence and constipation. Use the video animations below as a guide to see how to use our products. 


Please note: users performing intermittent self-catheterization should follow the advice of their health care provider. Always consult the "instructions for use" document delivered with the product

Coloplast Care

At Coloplast, we offer a support program for you. In this section, please find more information on what Coloplast Care is about, and the form for you to enroll into the program. Why Coloplast Care?

Why choose Coloplast Care?

Coloplast Care program... why?

  • The primary objective of the Coloplast Care Program is to provide a “Transition Program” for patients at a time when they require additional support: transition from hospital to home.
  • Based on feedback from clinicians and patients, Coloplast felt this was an unmet need which needed to be addressed.
  • Coloplast is driven by a passion to make a difference.  Our empathy and ability to respond to patient needs are based on a continuous dialogue with Patients and Health Care Professionals.


Your patients receive these key benefits

  • Coverage assistance
  • Assistance to locate the right supplier for product purchases
  • Follow-up by trained Coloplast advisors
  • -> If the patient has a medical issue, we will refer them back their HCP
  • Free samples: at the registration and more later if needed 

Insurance Coverage Information

You may be covered for a better catheter

Just as peoples’ needs for catheters differ, so does their insurance coverage. 

Insurance coverage for catheters can vary and depends on things like:
• the province you live in
• the reason why you need to use a catheter
• and the type of insurance you have


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