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Just as peoples’ needs for catheter differ, so does their funding and reimbursement options

You may already be covered!

You may not be aware that your insurance or provincial support covers catheters!

Often, all you need is:

  • A prescription from your doctor

  • A letter from your doctor explaining why you need a better catheter

Insurance coverage for catheters can vary and depends on things like:

  • The type of insurance you have

  • The province you live in

  • The reason why you need to use a catheter

  • Click here to read on the Disability Tax Credit available to Canadians.

Meet Brent

Brent is 25 and was injured in a motorcycle accident. In this video he explains all the steps he has been through to get his catheters covered and is giving feedback he wants to share with other users.

Coloplast provides this information for convenience and your general reference only. It does not constitute legal advice or a recommendation regarding clinical practice. Reimbursement, coverage and payment policies can vary from one insurer and region to another and is subject to change without notice. The provider has the responsibility to determine medical necessity and to submit appropriate codes, information, and charges for care provided. Coloplast does not guarantee coverage or payment of products and Coloplast makes no guarantee that the use of this information will prevent differences of opinion or disputes with providers, agencies, insurers, or other payors as to the correct form of billing or the amount that will be paid. This information is provided for your general information only and is not intended to replace any advice you receive from your own internal or external insurance coverage consultants, reimbursement specialists or legal counsel.



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