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Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common and treatable medical condition. A highly effective and satisfying option is a penile implant. These are either inflatable or malleable and are manipulated by the patient to produce an effective erection. Read more about erectile dysfunction

One in four men over the age of 60 experience some degree of erectile dysfunction. There are many different treatments available including: oral therapy, intraurethral therapy, injection therapy and vacuum devices.

One other option is a penile implant. These are either inflatable or malleable and are manipulated by the patient to produce an erection. Every year approximately 20,000 men worldwide reclaim their sexual relationships by using this kind of device.


Making life easier

Coloplast has been making life easier for men with erectile dysfunction for over 35 years.

Our innovative products and services help meet different kinds of needs, from the simplicity of a one-piece, implantable penile prosthesis to our advanced Titan® three-piece inflatable penile prostheses (IPP).

Learn more about Coloplast solutions for erectile dysfunction.


Products for erectile dysfunction

Inflatable penile prosthesis

Inflatable penile prosthesis

Made from silicone and Bioflex® - a supple yet durable biopolymer that emulates the look and performance of a natural erection Learn more about our inflatable penile prosthesis


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The Coloplast Titan® and Titan® OTR (one touch release) inflatable penile prostheses are self-contained, fluid-filled systems that consist of:

  • A reservoir (placed in the abdomen)
  • Two penile cylinders
  • A pump

Each part is connected by silicone tubing. The Titan implants are also MRI conditional.

Patient satisfaction

Both Titan implants have significant enhancements compared to previous models, and have other features that may make the Titan implants easy to use include:

  • Bioflex material for cylinder strength (1)
  • Patented Lock-out™ safety valve designed to prevent auto-inflation (1)
  • Hydrophilic coating increased absorption of aqueous solution to aid in surgical placement (1)
  • One Touch Release (OTR) for easy deflation of the device (1)
  • Zero degree angle proximal base input tubing for ease of surgical placement (2)
  • Soft-moulded tip designed for suitable anatomic positioning (3)

Learn more about Titan penile implants. 

Malleable penile prosthesis

Malleable penile prosthesis

Genesis® malleable penile prosthesis offers simplicity and ease of use for the patient. It is the only malleable penile prosthesis that has a hydrophilic coating to enable absorption of aqueous solutions for ease of surgical placement. Learn more about our malleable penile prosthesis

The Genesis malleable penile prosthesis not only offers simplicity for surgeons, but is also a simple solution for patients with finger or hand dexterity issues, hand muscle fatigue or limited reach and range of mobility.

Hydrophilic coating

It is the only malleable penile prosthesis with a hydrophilic coating that facilitates absorption of aqueous solutions in which the implant is soaked. This may allow the surgeon to tailor the aqueous solution to the needs of the patient, and support surgical placement.

Other features include:

  • No springs, cables, or moving internal parts 
  • Distal shaft column strength helps prevent buckling
  • Positionability to reduce spring-back
  • Trimmable custom sizing to fit to each individual’s corporal length
  • Easy assembly no special tools required, Simply connect.

Learn more about the Genesis malleable penile prosthesis. 

Surgical instruments

Surgical instruments

Coloplast offers a number of surgical accessories to assist with penile implant procedures Learn more about our surgical instruments

Accessories for penile implant procedures

  • Brooks® Corporal Dilator Set
  • Rossello™ Dilator Set for the fibrotic corpora 

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