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Private Insurance

Individually purchased, but often provided through employer-sponsored health benefits.  Catheter reimbursement is individually determined and/or policy determined.  It is important for you to know what your insurance covers.  Ask your provider if they will cover your catheters at 100%, if there is an annual limit, if you have to co-pay ( they pay 80% you pay the rest, or if you have a spouse – coordinate co-pay) . 


Prior approval is typically required and request for reimbursement may also need the following;

  • Doctor prescription, either with the first claim or with each individual request ( ask your provider )
  • Doctor support letter / fax stating the diagnosis and reason why you need to use a catheter and in some cases the approximate cost. 
  • Official receipt from pharmacy / Dealer to submit to your insurer for reimbursement.  Or ask your pharmacy / dealer if they can bill your insurer directly.


1.  Ask for samples of SpeediCath. Simply click on the "Free SpeediCath Samples" on this page.

2.  Talk to your doctor - ask for a prescription for SpeediCath. SpeediCath is used once so the prescription will be for 4-5 catheters per day.

3.  Ask your doctor to complete and sign the SpeediCath support letter. Simply click on the letter on this page, download the letter and send it to your doctor. This letter outlines the issue(s) you are having and why you need to use SpeediCath.

4.  Send SpeediCath prescription and support letter to your insurer to request approval.

Privacy Statement
Coloplast respects the privacy of personal information and will protect the confidentiality of the input you provide. Please, read the privacy statement.


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