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Ostomy resources for clinicians 

At Coloplast, ostomy has been our commitment since 1957 when nurse Elise Sørensen invented the first ostomy bag for her sister with colon cancer. Her passion to help others inspired her to go to great lengths to find a solution. Today, passion is still our driver as we work with over 850 clinicians and nurses to inform every innovation, product or service. Now, Coloplast is the global leader in ostomy care (35-40% market share) and considered the most innovative medical equipment company two years in a row.

Why choose Coloplast?

Making life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs

At Coloplast, we listen carefully in order to better understand needs. This is how we constantly develop new and better ways to do things and bring the best ideas to market. Our goal is to make a real difference to people’s lives. We work closely with healthcare professionals

Making life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs

People with a stoma and healthcare professionals still face significant challenges every day. To solve them, we work closely with both groups of people to find better solutions.

Engaging with healthcare professionals
The Coloplast Ostomy Forum (COF) is a global network for stoma care nurses. The forum plays a key role in our product development and is used to identify, discuss and prioritize user needs. It is also a forum for evaluating new concepts and ensuring that our products meet these needs.

Opening new doors with user-driven innovation
To understand the daily routines and challenges people with a stoma face, our R&D staff visit them in their homes and follow their daily activities and routines – even in the bathroom. This process helps us to understand their challenges and translate their needs into effective solutions.

Listening and responding since 1954
Working closely with healthcare professionals and the people who use our products is nothing new at Coloplast. In fact, the way we work today started in 1954. Elise Sørensen was a community nurse. Her sister Thora had just had a stoma operation and was afraid to go out, fearing that her stoma might leak in public. So Elise created the world’s first adhesive stoma bag, giving Thora – and thousands of people like her – the chance to enjoy life again. A simple solution with great significance. 


Coloplast® OneSolution

Choose Coloplast as your ostomy partner for a better overall clinician and patient experience.


Improve Patient Outcomes

Ostomy Care is the 2nd leading cause of 30-day readmission rates, second only to kidney transplants. Through product innovation and a comprehensive patient support program called Coloplast Care we have proven to reduce 30-day readmission rates by 30% and ER visits by 45%.2

Evidence & clinical research

Helpful tools and studies

At Coloplast, we are dedicated to the advancement of stoma care. As part of this, we conduct clinical studies to support evidence-based nursing and develop clinical research tools. Learn more about the tools

Tools and studies

View a selection of publications available



Ostomy Skin Tool:
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Introducing a peristomal skin assessment tool: The ostomy skin tool
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Dialogue Study:
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Leakage and ostomy appliances: results from a large-scale, open-label study in clinical practice
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Erwin-Toth, P., Thompson, SJ., Davis, JS.
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Journal of Wound Ostomy Continence Nursing 2012 Vol. 39 (4) p. 417-22

Dialogue StudyDialogueStudy

The DialogueStudy is a global clinical study designed to document real life experiences of Coloplast’s SenSura stoma appliances. The study focused on skin conditions and quality of life. With more than 3,000 patients and 500 nurses involved, the DialogueStudy is the largest study ever undertaken within stoma care and was carried out from 2006 to 2010.

The global results show that many people with a stoma have peristomal skin problems, and that a combination of evidence-based nursing and the use of SenSura meant reduced incidents of leakages, less unplanned changes, and an increased feeling of security.

If you’d like to know more about the DialogueStudy or other clinical studies (including those listed below), please contact us.

Coloplast QoL

The Stoma Quality of Life tool (Stoma-QoL) is a simple, validated questionnaire that can be used to measure quality of life in people with a stoma. It also helps identify the issues that may cause anxiety or concern.

Ostomy Skin Tool

The Ostomy Skin Study showed that peristomal skin conditions are very common in people with a stoma, and that these conditions can have a negative impact on quality of life. It also showed that many people with a stoma are not aware that they have a skin condition and therefore don’t consult their stoma care nurse. The study was carried out in Denmark in 2004 and involved 199 patients. The study was the background for the larger DialogueStudy.


The Ostomy Skin Tool is a validated tool designed to provide an efficient method for determining the cause and severity of peristomal skin conditions. It also provides recommendations on how to monitor and manage these conditions.


BodyFit Technology®

 Coloplast has focused on human-centric innovation, meaning we design our products with real bodies in mind. This concept of developing unique solutions to tackle specific body profile-relevant challenges, which we call BodyFit Technology, is the common platform on which our individual SenSura® Mio and Brava® products are built. BodyFit Technology enables our products to fit individual bodies and follow body movements as the wearer bends and moves throughout the day. 


BodyFit Technology is Coloplast's innovation platform within ostomy care

More about BodyFit® Technology

BodyFit® Technology

BodyFit Technology is our new innovation platform within ostomy care. The knowledge that no two bodies are the same is at the core of our thinking and drives us on in our quest to design and develop solutions that can fit securely and comfortably to any body shape. We call this human-centric innovation.

The same but different

Human bodies share the same basic form but vary infinitely in terms of size and shape. What’s more, bodies don’t remain constant. We lose weight, or put it on. Our stomachs can bloat, our muscles contract. We move around, often vigorously. For some people, there are also hernias and scarring to consider.


The challenge is made all the more pressing by the knowledge that appliances that don’t fit securely to the body are a major cause of leakage – often the wearer’s biggest concern. By taking our starting point in people’s needs, Coloplast has set out on a journey to develop products that deliver a close fit to the peristomal area.


BodyFit Technology now and in the future. The BodyFit Technology platform is already having a positive impact. For instance, SenSura Mio features the first elastic adhesive that gives the appliance greater fitting performance. But our work continues. We dedicate all of our R&D resources to the platform, and seek to forge more meaningful connections with the people who use our products and the healthcare professionals who work with them.


By working together we can learn more about the needs and challenges that exist and speed up the development of products and materials that can make a true difference in people’s lives.


BodyFit with SenSura® Mio

BodyFit Technology within SenSura Mio is already having a positive impact on users’ lives. SenSura Mio appliances have various features with BodyFit Technology. For instance, the elastic adhesive found in all SenSura Mio appliances are made from a special blend of hydrocolloids and polymers that together with a special top film gives it twice the stretch of a conventional appliance, so it fits individual body shapes and follows body movements. 93 percent of nurses evaluated SenSura® Mio Convex’s fit to the body as “very good” or “good.”2

Our Ostomy portfolio

Not only does Coloplast help individuals with personalized solutions, but we also work with clinicians to understand their needs. Clinicians decide what’s clinically appropriate, and we ensure they have a robust portfolio that doesn’t compromise care.

Coloplast® Care

To help improve patient outcomes and quality of life, we created Coloplast Care, a program that helps guide patients to a better life with an ostomy. A recent study found that 83 percent of patients say Coloplast Care improved their stoma-related quality of life.4


Through Coloplast Care, we provide your patients with:

  • Individualized support and product access coordination from a patient-focused Ostomy Advisor
  • Personalized, clinician-validated education, including online tools
  • Routine ostomy self-assessments to help patients identify and address concerns


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  4. Coloplast Market Study, 2013, data on file.



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