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Nova Scotia


Provincial Programs

The Seniors’ Pharmacare Program, Family Pharmacare Program or the Community Services Pharmacare Programs 

Can cover eligible individuals in Nova Scotia with drug and medical device supplies (including ostomy supplies) that are listed on the Nova Scotia Formulary Formulary |

Seniors Pharmacare Program (65+) requires an annual premium based on household income and an annual copayment. Both have annual maximums and once the premium and copayment have been reached the government will pay 100% of the costs for your benefits. Seniors’ Pharmacare Program - Government of Nova Scotia, Canada

  • Seniors receiving the Guaranteed Income supplement do not pay an annual premium.

  • Seniors Income Levels to determine annual premium:

Family Pharmacare Program does not have an annual premium however it has an annual family copayment and deductible based on income and family size. Once annual family copayment and deductibles are reached, Pharmacare will pay 100% of the costs of your benefits Family Pharmacare Program |

  • When you pay for a prescription, 20% of the prescription price is considered the co-payment. The balance of the prescription price that you pay will be applied to your deductible. You must pay the annual deductible in full, once that has been reached you will only be required to pay the 20% co-payment.  Once you have reached your annual deductible and annual co-payment maximum, Pharmacare will pay 100% of the costs of your benefits.

Community Services Pharmacare Programs will provide drugs and devices on the Pharmacare Formulary, as well as support for other necessary medical supplies (including incontinence and ostomy supplies) for those receiving Employment Support, Income Assistance, Disability Support Program & the Nova Scotia Child Benefit (recipients pay $5 per prescription through the Low Income Pharmacare for Children program). Prescription Drug Coverage (Pharmacare) | Nova Scotia Department of Community Services

Municipal Programs

Some municipalities offer their own health support programs or supporting services. Check with your local municipality to see if there are any additional support available to you.

Coloplast provides this information for convenience and your general reference only. It does not constitute legal advice or a recommendation regarding clinical practice. Reimbursement, coverage and payment policies can vary from one insurer and region to another and is subject to change without notice. The provider has the responsibility to determine medical necessity and to submit appropriate codes, information, and charges for care provided. Coloplast does not guarantee coverage or payment of products and Coloplast makes no guarantee that the use of this information will prevent differences of opinion or disputes with providers, agencies, insurers, or other payors as to the correct form of billing or the amount that will be paid. This information is provided for your general information only and is not intended to replace any advice you receive from your own internal or external insurance coverage consultants, reimbursement specialists or legal counsel.


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